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Public Speaking and Presentations (2/3): Transitions and Signposting – ‘Speaking Glue’

Public Speaking and Presentations (2/3): Transitions and Signposting – ‘Speaking Glue’

By David Rose

After an enforced break to move into my new house in Brussels and prepare for a new government training project in Serbia (I’m currently there – writing this in a hotel in Belgrade), I’m back with the second of three articles on public speaking skills: Transitions and Signposting – ‘Speaking Glue’.

The first article in this series – ‘Structure for Success’ – outlined how to achieve an overall planned, cyclic structure for your key messages and content to enhance your presentation, meeting intervention or speech.

Now, as promised, we come to the methods, techniques and language to effectively use transitions and signposts – the connections that ‘glue’ your messages together into coherent parts, so keeping your audience engaged and making your key messages clearer and more memorable. Continue reading


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