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LACS Training Blog: So Far…

By David Rose, Director LACS Training Brussels


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…Summer’s here…

So why not take the opportunity to review the 18 articles on presentations and public speaking, professional writing, meeting skills and language support currently waiting for you on the LACS Training Blog?

I wish you all a good summer break and look forward to helping you and your organisation with your training needs in September 2012.

I’d also invite you to take a look at our 2012 training catalogues to see the full range of services we offer.

Presentations and Public Speaking Structuring your messages
Signposts and transitions
Pausing and emphasis
Body language
Effective PowerPoint design
Dealing with nerves
Good examples of public speakers 1
Good examples of public speakers 2
Professional Writing Core skills 1: audience, organisation and conciseness
Core skills 2: precision, tone and language
Linking words
Effective proofreading and editing
Meeting Facilitation Dealing with different personality types
Chairing meetings: 5 tips to do it better
Language Support Tense map
Prepositions map
Fixed verb patterns
Links to consolidate your skills

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