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Best of the Rest: Free Online Resources to Consolidate and Build your English Language Skills

By David Rose

The internet is often described by parents, teachers, governments and many others, for a wide range of social reasons, as a double-edged sword – something with both positive and negative sides.

The same principle holds true if you consider the internet as a potential source of free tools to help you consolidate and/or build your English language skills, either for specifically professional or more general use.

There is a huge range of practice materials online – for example putting ‘English practice exercises’ into Google.com produces “about 45,300,000 results” – yes, really, over 45 million!

However, besides many requiring subscription and you then receiving a barrage of unwanted spam, the real issue is quality. How reliable are they? Are they correct? Do they provide ‘real’ language use or simply an ‘artificial’ type of scholastic English? Equally, do you have time to check so many possibilities and evaluate which are better quality and more useful? I’m assuming no.

So, I’ve tried to bypass these issues for you by providing a quality (rather than quantity) list of some of the best online tools to help you develop your English language skills in the following 8 categories:

1. General English               4. Writing Skills        7. Exam English

2. Professional English     5. Pronunciation      8. Dictionaries

3. Listening Skills                6. Reading Skills

And here they are…!

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