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Effective Professional Writing: Linking Words

Effective Professional Writing: Linking Words

By David Rose

As some of you will already know, I published a two-part series earlier this year outlining the key principles of ‘Effective Professional Writing’ with a series of practical guidelines and immediately applicable tools

If you haven’t read them yet, then I suggest you go first to part one.

Since then, I’ve received quite a number of requests for a ready-to-use ‘map’ or ‘menu’ of one of the key ingredients for writing clearly and concisely in Professional English – linking words.

Frankly, these requests came as no surprise… linking words are, after all, a 3-dimensional puzzle.

A 3-D puzzle, you ask?  Yes – using them effectively means being fully aware of three specific aspects: use, level of formality and grammar.

1. Use

What exactly do we use each one for – e.g. what’s the basic difference in meaning between ‘however’, ‘consequently’, ‘additionally’ and ‘although’? Continue reading


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