Examples of Good Presenters and Public Speakers – Part 3

By David Rose – Director, LACS Training Brussels

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A Belgian ex-CEO turned teacher, an American professor of Speech and Britain’s ‘TV rock star of science’…

… An eclectic mix of presenters you’d expect to have different presentation styles, yes?

Yes, their individual styles naturally vary. But they all share a common set of deliberate techniques that help make them really engaging speakers. You don’t forget how they made you feel.

So, without taking up any more of your time, here they are!

Example of an effective presentation 1_Pierre Pirard_The 5 principles of highly effective teachers

Features to note

Opening – via questions targeted to the audience’s  interests and expectations to catch their attention

Voicing – deliberate pausing both between and within messages to match his speed to a rate the audience can comfortably process – his chosen style projects passion and dynamism

Structuring – his key messages are numerated to make them clearer and more memorable e.g. “I’ve learnt that strong leaders apply four basic, simple principles” (0:56)

Body language – he uses three deliberate and effective strategies:

(a)  ranging eye contact to bring in the whole audience

(b)  purposeful hand gestures to animate and reinforce his spoken messages, regularly using two hands

(c)  careful pacing on the stage to create dynamism and keep the audience’s attention

>> Watch Pierre’s presentation

Example of an effective presentation 2_Patricia Kuhl_The linguistic genius of babies

Features to note

Opening – image-driven style using everday photos and simple graphs to enage the audience in a quite technical subject

Clarity – giving simple clear messages in layman’s terms (rather than losing the audience with an overload of over-complex technical terms)

Voicing – careful pausing and voice variation to keep the audience’s attention – her chosen style projects ‘quiet confidence’ and credibility

Body language – although a different, less ‘active’ style to Pierre Pirard, she has a clear and effective visual identity:

(a)   ranging eye contact to bring in the whole audience

(b)  understated hand gestures to reinforce her points, leading with her left hand and occasionally using both hands; with her hands in a clear default (resting) position at belt-level

(c)   Relatively static posture, with little movement of the feet

>> Watch Patricia’s presentation

Example of an effective presentation 3_Brian Cox_CERN's supercollider

Features to note

Opening – using ‘big numbers’ (surprising statistics) and light humour to grab the audience’s attention

Clarity – Like Patricia Kuhl, he’s able to give clear messages in layman’s terms, relating very complex scientific concepts to the audience’s frame of reference via well-chosen images and everyday parallels

Voicing – a faster speaker than Pierre Pirard and Patricia Kuhl (but not too fast), allied with good pausing  – his chosen style creates a dynamic pace and projects his enthusiasm

Body language – we now see a style somewhere between Pierre Pirard and Patricia Kuhl – again creating a deliberate, planned visual identity:

(a)   ranging eye contact to bring in the whole audience

(b)   purposeful hand gestures to animate and reinforce his spoken messages, varying  between one hand and two and using a wide range of ‘demonstrative’ gestures to illustrate what he’s saying

(c)   relatively static posture, with limited movement of the feet

(d)   a very expressive face!

>> Watch Brian’s presentation

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8 responses to “Examples of Good Presenters and Public Speakers – Part 3

  1. Jeremy Hammel

    Your points on body language are particularly important. Some people think that just gesticulating in itself will improve a presentation. But – there’s a right and wrong way to emphasize your points with body language. The bullets above do a great job of highlighting those points. Thanks.

    • Thanks for your positive comment Jeremy.

      Indeed, purposeful body language – consciously designed to emphasise key points – is essential for a credible presentation. Equally, it’s one of the hallmarks of a consistently strong presenter.

  2. sheen

    Well, it’s a nice one, I have been looking for. Thanks for sharing such informative stuff.

  3. elizabeth

    Nice post!

  4. Great post on communication It was very helpful. Also for more easier ways to learn english check this http://www.dalecarnegie.in/events/business_communication_skills/

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