Public Speaking and Presentations: Good Examples

By David Rose

Following my series of three articles on practical tools to improve your public speaking and presentations, I’d like to share some good examples of different public speakers illustrating these techniques in practice.

I hope you find them useful!

1. Chunking (pausing and emphasis) and Body Language

Note the use of chunking and co-ordinated body language (hand gestures to illustrate key points, ranging eye contact etc.) in the two speeches below:

(a) Tony Blair, Council on Foreign Relations, 03/12/08 – VIDEO


(b) David Miliband, ex-UK Foreign Secretary, Labour Party Speech 2008 – VIDEO

2. Achieving ‘Gravitas’

Note the ‘gravitas’ (impact) created in the speech below through the use of clear, concise messages, carefully placed pauses and the consistent stressing of key words:

Ronald Reagan, response to the Challenger shuttle disaster, 28/01/86 – mp3 AUDIO

3. A Solid ‘All-rounder’

Note this good example of an experienced, professional speaker putting forward an organised series of messages to build a convincing argument. She displays good, measured speed, a clear voice, good pausing and good interaction with her audience:

Jody Williams, Nobel Peace Prize winner for her efforts to eradicate landmines, presents a “Realistic Vision for World Peace” – Video


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© David Rose 2011

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